Author: pennys

weather 1

Stormy weather (sketch) Oils and inks on hand made paper

Small walks

A small composition thinking about moving through a space. Charcoal, ink, soft pastel on gesso

Tropical Rain

A walk terminated as the storm clouds gathered. Seeing and hearing the deluge from behind a window. Then, abruptly, it stopped and the sun reappeared

Winter Walk 2

City walk Acrylic, charcoal, sumi on woven paper 85x58cms

Winter Walk 1

paint and inks on collage of hand-made paper

Something About Rain

charcoal and acrylic paint on paper A cold and stormy Monday at the docks

Safe in my Skin

Stitched cotton with oil This piece is 2m square which refers to our ‘safe’ distance from each other, and also to the fact that on average the body…


Handmade paper, body print and cast, ink- collaged, stitched and darned Showing something of the fragility of the body, but also its ability to adapt and mend 100×70…